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27 January 2016
Frequently Asked Questions about XDrive and their respective answers. don't hesitate to contact us!

What is XDrive?
XDrive is a stream hosting provider. We offer online storage capacity and a sophisticated uploading and streaming platform. With XDrive you can share your personal Files & videos with everybody in the world.

Why should I use XDrive?
Whenever you need to share a large video with your friends and you want it to be viewed on multiple devices, XDrive is the right choice for you. Uploaded files are stored & Uploaded videos are converted automatically for you and can be shared with anyone you want.

What kind of files can I upload?
You can upload any kind of files. However this is restricted to non-copyrighted material only. We reserve the right to delete any kind of offensive material. Please refer to our Terms of Service for more info on this.

Can I search for files other people uploaded?
No, because not everyone wants their files to be visible to everyone. You can only see the files in your account or links which are shared with you. This way you can keep your files as a personal backup. Thus no one can search for your private files. It is entirely up to you who is allowed to gain access to your files.

How can I delete a file I uploaded?
To delete a file you uploaded Just Sign in to your account and go to MyFiles . Otherwise, if the file does not get accessed you can simply wait until the file expires, so it will be automatically removed from XDrive.

What is HTML5 Video Streaming?
XDrive is using the new HTML5 technology for streaming videos. Only browsers updated to the latest version support this feature. If your browser does not support HTML5, you will see a message when you visit a XDrive file link. We highly recommend you to update your browser to the latest version to ensure you can benefit from our enhanced service.

Which types of videos can XDrive Encode?
XDrive currently supports video's of the format AVI (.avi), Flash Video (.flv), MPEG (.mp4, .mpg, .mpeg), WMV (.wmv), MOV (.mov) and Matroska Video (.mkv).

Which types of Files can I upload on XDrive?
You can upload almost all types (.zip),(.txt),(.exe),(.doc),(.pdf) and many more ...

I still have questions, what should I do?
If you still have questions don't hesitate to contact us.